The best scanner that you can recommend?

Answer I am also using an all in one hp printer like yours. I recommend decreasing the dpi/resolution when you are scanning it will make the scanning faster.

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What film scanner would you recommend from the following two?……The Epson review is rather incomplete, but it gives enough information that it's roughly the same effective pix... Read More »

Best 2-sided scanner you can recommend?

There are a lot of scanners that will do this. It would help to know how many pages per day you intend on scanning and how much money you want to spend.For starters check out the Plustek AD450: ht... Read More »

Can you recommend a SMALL all in one printer and scanner?

I swear by Hewlett Packard. Their after-sales service is brilliant, their reliability and quality can't be criticized, and I've got 3 at the moment. I've tried Lexmark, Canon, etc., but the small 1... Read More »

Can you recommend a good 8mm film scanner?

Here are quite a few links that I found that may interest you. Hope this is what you are looking for.…