The best mp3 player for sound quality..?

Answer apple ipod nanoi have one turn the music full blast and it sounds greati got it for my b-day

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I have a Phillips DVD player with surround sound. If I buy a Blue ray DVD player say Sony can I replace the Phillips DVD player with a new Blue ray so I can still use the existing surround sound?

No they can't. Most commercial discs have a region code and players will check the region before playing. If the region code is not the same as the player, it simply won't play. This is a commercia... Read More »

Currently have 5.1 sorround sound speaker system setup using HDMI2 on my LG DVD Player and TV. I Recently purchased a PS3 and want to enjoy the sound on both systems how can i go about doing this?

See if the sysem has an Optical imput on it then if it does simply get a optical cable and plug it in and set up the sound on your ps3

Which speakers have the best sound quality?

A lot depends on the size of your room placement options how close you sit to the speakers how loud you like to listen etc....but just generally speaking...The best speakers I ever heard were the V... Read More »

What headphone have the best sound quality?

I have three pairs that I'm quite happy with:The old, time tested Koss Pro 4AA. I believe that they have been reissued. They sound good and are rugged as evidenced as my pair is at least 25 years o... Read More »