The best mp3 player for sound quality..?

Answer apple ipod nanoi have one turn the music full blast and it sounds greati got it for my b-day

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How to Import a CD to an MP3 for the Best Sound Quality?

You can digitally copy the audio from a compact disc onto a compute, and encode it as MP3, an audio format known for its comparatively compact size and also for its moderate loss of audio quality c... Read More »

Best headset for comfort and sound quality?

Sound quality can usually be defined in how close the headphones output is with hi-fidelity in mind comparied to some original sound; and even then people disagree; comfort is very subjective, it d... Read More »

Best sound quality on Android phone?

The Nokia 6720 classic has dual microphones for noise cancellation, which does work well. The Nokia N8 also has dual microphones and HD calling. The N8 and maybe the 6720 also has wind noise cancel... Read More »

Which speakers have the best sound quality?

A lot depends on the size of your room placement options how close you sit to the speakers how loud you like to listen etc....but just generally speaking...The best speakers I ever heard were the V... Read More »