The best full size pick up truck today?

Answer Take brand loyalty out of the equation? Then you wouldn't be talking about trucks!!Sales obviously put the FORD F-150 at the top of the list. Most folks who own F-150s now, used to drive one as a... Read More »

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How to Rent a Full Size Pick-Up Truck?

A full size pick up truck can be rented locally or through a national vehicle rental agency. The cost usually varies depending on whether you will be using it locally or out of state. In some insta... Read More »

How to Replace the Serpentine Belt on a Full Size Dodge Truck?

While some vehicles use individual belts to drive the engine accessories, a Dodge full size truck uses just one--the serpentine belt. As its name implies, the belt follows a serpentine path along t... Read More »

1991 Chevy Full Size Truck Windshield Installation?

You can install a new windshield on your '91 full size Chevy truck right from home with the help of an assistant. The windshield not only protects you from rocks and other debris but it keeps the r... Read More »

Full size vs. Travel size makeup brushes?

it really doesnt matter i have both and they get the job done either way. if your really into make up i would get bigger brushes but if your not little one as just as good for a cheaper price