The best age to neuter a pet?

Answer On One Hand: Before Sexual MaturityThe ideal age to neuter a dog is around six months, right as he is coming into puberty. The ideal age to neuter a male cat is six to nine months, as this will kee... Read More »

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Why neuter a cat?

Neutering your cat is the process of surgically removing the cat's testicles, which renders it sterile. The benefits of having your cat neutered are well worth having the procedure done.Reduce Aggr... Read More »

How old should a cat be to neuter?

On One Hand: Under a year is the norm.The average, and most productive, time to neuter a male cat is between the ages of five and nine months old. This is when fighting, territory marking and roami... Read More »

Why Neuter a Potbelly Pig?

Neutered pet pigs have more consistent and happier personalities and exhibit more docile behavior. A neutered pig is also free of pesky hormonal problems and won't be preoccupied with finding a mat... Read More »

When is a dog too old to neuter?

On One Hand: Recommended Age RangeAlthough some vets will neuter dogs as young as eight weeks old, it is a commonly held view among many vets that it's safer for many dog breeds if the surgery is p... Read More »