The back of my heels are BADLY blistered! from converse chucks! help!!?

Answer Buy the 13s. Shower and dry damaged area of foot. Use antibiotic cream at night to heal wound. In morning clean n dry and apply bandage to dry skin and wrap with gauze. Take off bandage at night an... Read More »

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How can I cure severe dry, cracked heels. I can't stand to use a blanket because my heels stick to it! HELP!?

Soak in a warn foot bath with scrubbing salts then rub your heels with a pumice stone. After that use a nice, thick lotion like Eucerin or Udder Cream with a thick pair of can even pla... Read More »

Help bleeding badly from cut on neck cant stop the bleeding?

cover it with a clean cloth and put pressure on it, hold it down fairly hard

I have a small burn on my leg from a motorbike exhaust pipe which has now blistered.should i pop the blister ?

Never pop a blister. It is the body's way of placing a protective coating of fluid over top of a burn to help insulate it from infection while it heals.

I need help badly!!!!!!!?

If this is real, call animal control,if it's not, man you are weird.