The anti-virus that i had install is not working?

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What's a good anti-virus that i can download for free, except for Norton Anti-virus?

The Best: AVG 8.0 ( Most Effective: Avast 4.8 ( was the only AV program to find 100/100 viruses in the wild (simulated) but Avast has that Pre-Boot sca... Read More »

Is there a REALLY good anti virus, anti spyware, etc. that is FREE?

anti-virus is different than anti-spywareyou need 2 programs.Spybot - Search and Destroy is good for spyware, but for viruses you should use AVG free anti virus Read More »

How do I know if Watchguard anti-virus is working?

InstructionsRight-click your task bar in Windows. Select "Start Task Manager." Click on the "Processes" tab in the "Windows Task Manager" window. Look for WatchGuard Anti-Virus in the "Description"... Read More »

Can anyone help with a Q about a Virus that keeps pretending to be my McAfee Anti-Virus?

Try and do a full system scan to see if it picks up anything.I don't really like McAfee myself, but hopefully it's good enough to make sure there are no viruses on your computer.I would also recomm... Read More »