The answer to secret sound on easy FM?

Answer hi,am Nelson Njoroge from Nakuru and i would like to try out the secret sound. To me its the sound of a file or in kiswahili tupa:{that is used for sharppening knives}. My numbers are 0727280329 ... Read More »

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How old do u have 2 b 2 shop @ Victoria's Secret plz answer!! ;] ☺ ☻ ♥ thx & luv ya -xoxoxoxoxo?

its not about age but size. I know plenty of 6 years old who probably could fit into VS clothing cause they are HUGE and i also know 35 years old who are soo tiny that they still wear kid sizes. an... Read More »

Easy Question, 10points for answer <3?

These are pretty cheap and look pretty. hope I helped! Edit: there's this website too.…

Easy 10 points for a good answer!?

Yes, You can buy a WIFI Dongle that looks like a flash drive, it takes so little time to set up and cuts out the wires you can put the computer anywhere in your house, considering the range of the ... Read More »

10 easy points for best answer.?

You want to get your pictures on Google image search? Well, you can't just post them there. Those pictures are always on an external server. Google just scans pages and finds pictures and displays ... Read More »