The ancient Egyptian word for cat was mau - what does it mean?

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Comparison Between Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian Water Sources?

Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures were both highly successful in very arid regions. Each was entirely dependent on rivers for their water as there was little or no rain in either place. Egypt depe... Read More »

What was buried in Ancient Egyptian tombs?

Ancient Egyptian tombs contained not only the mummified corpse of the dead person but also their everyday possessions as the dead needed them in the afterlife. In addition, symbolic religious guide... Read More »

What was ancient Egyptian money called?

The ancient Egyptians did not have money, and instead relied on a set scale of weights and measures of goods in order to exchange goods and services. Beer, meat and cloth were the most commonly tra... Read More »

What is the ancient Egyptian Rosetta Stone?

The ancient Eygptian Rosetta Stone is a document carved into black basalt stone that allowed modern researchers to decipher hieroglyphics, which was a lost form of writing. French soldiers under Na... Read More »