The age long question: Sony or Canon?

Answer The A230 is an entry level camera that will not support many third party accessories.You already have some accessories for your Alpha some jumping ship to another brand will be expensive.The A-55 h... Read More »

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Basic Canon camera question: What is the difference between the D numbers on Canon cameras?

Have you ever visited the Canon website and looked at the features of each Canon dSLR?You of course know that the "D" is the indication that the camera is a digital cameraIf you also look hard, you... Read More »

Sony a37 or Canon t2i?

Another positive for the Sony is that it has a tilting screen, which can be very handy for videography. You would have to move up the Canon T3i to get that. If I were doing "short films", I'd make ... Read More »

Which is Better, Canon or Sony?

Sony all the way!!!! Sony is better in everything that they make. That is why they cost a little more.

Nikon, Sony, Or Canon?

The Pavlonian response to a question such as yours is always "NIKON!" "CANON!" as though there was no other choice. In my opinion too many people rely on this Pavlovian response and do little or no... Read More »