The WIFI on my iPod Touch says "Connected", but it still doesn't work?

Answer Try going into settings and turning off, then on.Failing that, check out the Apple site for FAQ.

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Why does my mxtube on my ipod touch say cannot connect to youtube even though my youtube is working and im connected to wifi?

Recently, YouTube has changed its TOS and downloading videos is disabled. Hopefully there'll be a workaround soon. AB19

Does ipod touch work without wifi?

Why does my wifi work on my computer but not on my ipod touch im in a dorm room ?

If you are receiving internet on your computer through ethernet, it is because there is not a wireless router for your ipod. A dorm room most likely has a wired connection, so you cannot get wifi o... Read More »

Email on IPOD - How do I set it up I have wifi connected, etc...I can't seem to get my yahoo account accepted?

Your question can be answered on Apple's support website for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The link is below.One of the great things about Apple is their products' ease-of-use; and if you can't quite ... Read More »