The Various Types of Work Child Psychologists Do?

Answer Child psychologists can work in private practices, schools, treatment facilities or research centers. A research psychologist often has doctoral-level training in clinical and counseling psychology... Read More »

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How long do child psychologists go to school?

Child psychologists must complete up to nine years of education beyond high school or GED requirements. After earning a four-year undergraduate degree, students must complete a doctoral degree, whi... Read More »

How many hours do psychologists work?

In most cases, psychologists work 40 hours per week, although their schedules are not necessarily the same every week. Psychologists may need to work on evenings and weekends, depending on their ca... Read More »

If there is not a court order for custody and your wife who is a illegal immmigrant left with the child can the father take the child from the babysitter's while the mother is at work?

well we are mot married i guess it would be common law,but we never got a paper signed from the county clercks office.i am concerned for my daughter,she is 15 months old,born in u.s.,and her mom is... Read More »

Is making a sick child work child abuse?

Certainly- it is one of the arguments against child labor.