The Varieties of Seed Potatoes?

Answer For most gardeners, the potato is the first vegetable planted when the garden spot is ready. Come rain or shine, seed potatoes are generally planted on Good Friday. Some potatoes are better for bak... Read More »

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Can I grow seed potatoes from store bought potatoes?

It may be possible to grow seed potatoes from store bought potatoes but it is not recommended. Store bought potatoes are often treated with chemicals to keep them from sprouting. It is best to grow... Read More »

Can I use 'ordinary' potatoes as seed potatoes for planting?

Holy Sh!t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That answer.Just dig a bunch of holes and put them in.They'll grow.

Are seed potatoes better than regular potatoes?

Seed potatoes are potatoes that have been certified to be virus free. Store bought aren't certified, are treated with growth inhibitors, but can eventually grow to be producing potato plants. There... Read More »

Can i use organic potatoes as seed potatoes?

Under the right conditions, most potatoes---including organic potatoes---will sprout. However, because potatoes succumb easily to potato blight, only certified seed potatoes should serve as potato ... Read More »