The Value of the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Answer The pharmaceutical industry does three things for society. First, it discovers drugs for treating illness. Second, the pharmaceutical industry manufactures these drugs in a safe form. Third, the in... Read More »

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How big is the pharmaceutical industry?

Global pharmaceutical sales in 2008 were $773 billion, whereas the corresponding figure for 2007 was $715 billion, as cited by Intercontinental Marketing Services. In 2001, global pharmaceutical sa... Read More »

How to Train in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry uses a wide variety of personnel for different areas of the industry, including medical, manufacturing, technical, research, administrative, management, sales, informati... Read More »

What does API stand for in the pharmaceutical industry?

API, according to Drug Development-Technology, stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and is used to denote active chemicals used in the manufacturing process of drugs. Bulk Drug Substance is... Read More »

Who regulates the pharmaceutical industry?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the pharmaceutical industry. Any company wishing to sell a drug in the United States must send the FDA a New Drug Application (NDA). FDA scient... Read More »