The Uses of an Air Chisel?

Answer The air chisel is a powerful but rarely used tool. Commonly associated with industrial use, such as outdoor repair or rescue services, air chisels are actually useful in a number of consumer-level ... Read More »

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When was the chisel first used?

According to David M. Ewalt, writer for, chisels have been around since ancient history. He says that archaeologists have found flint chisels dating back 10,000 years. In ancient times, ... Read More »

How to Use a Chisel?

A chisel is a woodworking or masonry tool. A chisel is a handle with a shaped cutting edge beveled at a variety of angles and in a variety of sizes. The handle and blade of some chisels are made of... Read More »

Air Chisel Instructions?

An air chisel is a type of automatic chiseling device used often in remodeling projects. It is called an air chisel because it uses air pressure to drill the chisel down in a rapid motion, often at... Read More »

How to Cut Mortise With a Chisel?

Before routers and other power tools sped up woodworking, cabinetmakers cut mortises the classic way, using a chisel and mallet. A special mortising chisel is thicker than other chisels and has par... Read More »