The Uses of a Hot Wire Foam Cutter?

Answer Polystyrene foam, commonly referred to by the DuPont brand name Styrofoam, is a highly versatile material. It can be used to create insulation products or flotation devices, and it can be sculpted ... Read More »

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How to Make a Wire Foam Cutter?

Styrofoam board is a versatile and lightweight material used to make a variety of useful objects, from scale models to surfboards. The best way to shape and cut Styrofoam is with a hot-wire foam cu... Read More »

How to Thread Small Wire Using Automatic Wire Cutter 2?

For threading small wire that is curling or has difficulty holding a straight shape you can use a soda straw.

How to Build a Foam Cutter?

Foam can be a fun, inexpensive material for many craft projects. The tricky part is cutting it into the shapes you need. Many foams can crumble or react badly to knives and other cutting blades. A ... Read More »

Will a guillotine cutter cut foam board?

According to Filter Machine Manufacturers, a company specializing in filter machines like paper cutters, guillotine cutters can slice through foam board. Guillotine cutters are heavy-duty paper cut... Read More »