The Uses of Plum Tree Sap?

Answer Plum trees are popular in American gardens because they are decorative and resilient. All plum trees flower seasonally, and many produce a popular stone fruit: the plum. Studies by Texas A&M Univer... Read More »

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How to Cut a Plum Tree?

Plum trees are fairly hearty and produce fruit from late spring through the end of summer, but overgrown trees produce little, if any, fruit. Cutting back plum trees, commonly referred to as prunin... Read More »

How do I grow a plum tree?

PlantingCreate a hole slightly larger than the rootball. Remove any damaged roots. Place the tree in the hole. Add one cup of complete fertilizer such as 12-16-12 to the soil and mix thoroughly. Th... Read More »

How do i transplant a red plum tree?

PreparationTransplant red plum trees in spring before they develop buds or leaves as soon as the ground has thawed and there is no lingering deep frost.Red plum trees prefer full sun exposure and s... Read More »

How do I get rid of a diseased plum tree?

PrepareRemove anything from around the diseased plum tree. Cut branches and foliage from the tree to lighten it and reduce the work needed to fell it. Cut the tree so that it will fall in its natur... Read More »