The Uses for Double-Sided Tape?

Answer Double-sided tape was originally used during WWII as a sealer and insulator. In 1996, removable double-sided tape was introduced. This created a more versatile product that was useful for everyday ... Read More »

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How do you put double sided tape on?

This tape comes on a roll. One side is covered with a protective strip of paper. Unroll the paper and the tape and stick it down to one of the surfaces to be joined, pressing down firmly. Then, c... Read More »

Is double sided tape recyclable?

Yes, put it with the paper / cardboard recycling bin.

How to Remove Double Sided Tape From a Car?

Double-sided automotive tape is much stronger than that used in homes and offices. It's designed to hold car parts on without additional nails or screws. It is frequently used to attach car emblems... Read More »

How to Remove Double Sided Tape?

Double sided tape- holding together the seams of our world. That is, until you need to remove it.