The Uses for Agave Parryi?

Answer Agave parryi grows natively in the American Southwest, especially in Arizona and New Mexico. The main use for Agave parryi is as a landscaping or patio plant. The starchy tissues of Agave parryi ma... Read More »

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Uses for Agave Stalks?

About 200 different species of agave plants are recognized. Most agave plants are bushlike plants that comprise of thick and rigid leaves. Only a few agave plants produce flowers. The stalks of aga... Read More »

What are some great uses for the agave plant?


Is agave a cactus?

Agave plants are not cacti, but since they have fleshy parts that store water for drought periods, they do fall under the succulent classification. Cacti must have areole, small rounded knobs that ... Read More »

Agave Identification?

Prolific across Mexico; the American states of California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii; and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the agave plant serves as both an ornamental attraction and a ... Read More »