The Use of Smart Boards in Business Classes?

Answer Smart Technologies developed the first Smart Board in 1991. Since then, the use of Smart Boards in the business classroom has allowed instructors to train students using visual, audio and interacti... Read More »

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Use of SMART Boards in Science Classes?

Tech tools like the SMART Board make getting students engaged in the study of science a simpler process. By infusing the SMART Board into your science lessons, you can capture students' attention a... Read More »

How are smart boards used?

Smart boards, also known as digital white boards, are electronic devices that connect to personal computers and the Internet, and have the capability to create a constructivist and interactive lear... Read More »

Why use smart boards in the classroom?

It is important to present your students with as much relevant information as possible, but this can be difficult without the most modern technology on hand. Smart boards allow for an exciting and ... Read More »

About Using SMART Boards in the Classroom?

SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards first developed by SMART Technologies. SMART Board is a brand name, but there are several different brands of similar boards. They are becoming a popular al... Read More »