The Use of Computers in Reading?

Answer When you think of reading instruction, perhaps phonics books and worksheets, or simple rhyming books with clearly labeled images of familiar and new items come to mind. Throwing computers into the ... Read More »

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How to Use Computers in the Classroom for Reading?

Computers are one of the most valuable tools in today's classroom. They can be particularly helpful when it comes to reading. Schools no longer have to invest in as much physical reading material i... Read More »

Computers for Improving Reading Skills?

Computers have been a fixture on the learning landscape for decades, particularly when it comes to reading instruction. Interactive multimedia tools can spark students' imaginations and engage thei... Read More »

Thinking about moving to reading pa how are the schools. where are the good parts of Reading?

Well I lived there by chance back in 97 to 99. I lived on 14th and cotton right on the corner you can look it up it was a green row house I think there called . Its a nice place but if you wanna b... Read More »

Are Mac computers generally faster, more reliable and longer lasting than PC computers?

Although Macs would actually be the same or faster than an equivalent specd PC it is actually a contribution of system stability and reliability of the Mac package (OS and hardware) that makes them... Read More »