The Unfair Treatment of Children in the Classroom?

Answer Accusations of unfair treatment may lay within the boundaries of student perceptions and a teacher's approach to instruction. The effort to resolve the perceived treatment begins with the communica... Read More »

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California Law Regarding Unfair Treatment Between Salary & Hourly?

California employers have the right to pay some employees on an hourly basis and other employees on a salary basis. Salaried employees usually receive the same pay regardless of how many hours they... Read More »

Children's Summer Treatment Programs?

Children's summer treatment can mean many different things. This could be the treatment of a mental ailment, an addiction, even a bad habit of some kind. Whatever kind of treatment you want your ch... Read More »

Is there any treatment for blood cancer in children?

Yes. The most common kind of cancer in children is a type of leukemia called ALL, and the survival rate is over 90% when treated. Treatment involves several years of chemotherapy.

Home Treatment for Diarrhea in Children?

Diarrhea is a very common occurrence in children. There are many causes of diarrhea, including a change in diet, too much fruit juice or fiber, teething, a side effect of an antibiotic or a viral i... Read More »