The USB Points On The back Of My Computer Won't Work, They Used To Work, But Since I Connected A Flash Drive?

Answer Shutdown and restart your computer.

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Why wont my external hard drive work with my bluray but a my flash drive does?

Most televisions and BluRay players cannot work with a USB based hard drive. I suspect it is something about the power requirements but I am not sure.You probably want a small media server that wo... Read More »

My thumb / flash drive won't work (EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)?

Will a USB flash drive work if the computer's power is off?

A USB flash drive does not work when the computer is off. The flash drive receives its power from the computer's USB port. If the computer is off, the USB port does not receive power.References:The... Read More »

Can a flash drive be used like a password for a computer it has to be plugged in for the comp. to work?

That's called a "dongle." We use them where I work as keys to use our wide-format printer software. I've also seen them used with laptops so that you can't use the computer without the dongle con... Read More »