The U.S. Labor Laws for Hourly Employees?

Answer The U.S. Department of Labor maintains laws governing labor practices in the United States. These laws, especially the Fair Labor Standards Act, govern employers in their dealings with employees re... Read More »

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Labor Laws Involving Salary vs. Hourly Employees?

The United States Department of Labor mandates the federal wage laws that affect salary and hourly employees. There are distinct differences between the employment laws for salaried employees and t... Read More »

Iowa Labor Laws for Salaried Employees?

Iowa's Division of Labor serves as the monitoring and enforcing arm of Iowa's Workforce Development. The division monitors employer compliance with the statues of the Iowa Labor Code as set by the ... Read More »

Labor Laws for Salaried Employees in Colorado?

Colorado employers who pay a consistent salary to employees must meet certain requirements for their employees. Employers and employees who are well-versed in the state's salary requirements may e... Read More »

Kentucky Labor Laws for Salaried Employees?

Kentucky enforces several laws for employees who are paid a flat rate for their work instead of receiving per-hour compensation. These laws pertain to such areas as minimum wage, overtime and statu... Read More »