The Types of Wooden Butcher Blocks?

Answer Wooden butcher blocks and cutting boards are useful kitchen tools. They provide the best space for cutting many items, including meat and vegetables. They come in several styles and a variety of si... Read More »

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What kind of wood should be used for butcher blocks?

Hard maple is most commonly used wood for butcher blocks because of its durability. Other frequently used woods are cherry, walnut and beech. Some woods, like oak and spalted maple, are not suitabl... Read More »

How to Clean a Wooden Butcher Block?

The incredible durability and toughness of butcher blocks makes them many chefs' cutting board or countertop of choice. Unfortunately, it's this same quality that makes butcher blocks the most used... Read More »

How do I clean wooden blocks?

Wipe the wooden blocks with a dry cloth to remove loose dust. Pour a bit of warm water onto the cloth, and wipe away sticky residue. Disinfect the toys by filling the sink or a basin with a bleach ... Read More »

Types of Wooden Shoes?

The term "clog" can refer to any shoe that is made of wood and is often associated with the popular Dutch variety; however, there are many types of wooden shoes that have developed out of various a... Read More »