The Types of Wood Needed to Make a Bow Drill Fire?

Answer From the fire plough to the flint and steel, various methods of fire-starting have been devised to help hapless campers keep warm in the event of an emergency. Include the bow drill among these met... Read More »

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Common Fire Wood Types?

There are different reasons for using fire wood. You can use it for campfires, cooking in wood-burning stoves, fireplace for heat, and even cooking on a grill for flavor. Some types of fire wood ar... Read More »

How to Make a Fire from 2 Sticks and a Drill?

You will need a non cordless drill, 1 thick stick, a piece of firewood, and some moss.

How do I rub wood to make a fire?

Gather materialsGather tinder, kindling, soft wood and hard wood at the fire site. If it is windy, dig a hole to start the fire in and surround it with stones. The stones will serve as a windbreak ... Read More »

How to Make Money With Fire Wood?

Selling firewood can be an effective source for a second income, which is helpful in trying economic times. Or, if you have a large enough timber supply, it could become your primary income source.... Read More »