The Types of Ores Found in Randsburg, California?

Answer Randsburg, California and its surrounding areas have been sites of ore mining since the first deposit was discovered in 1895. Once the word spread that there were ore deposits and money to be made,... Read More »

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Why is lead found in all deposits of uranium ores?

Uranium is a metallic element that has military applications and is also used as a fuel in nuclear power plants. Uranium is highly unstable and decays radioactively into more stable elements and fi... Read More »

Types of Fossils Found?

Fossils are the remnants of organic material (e.g., animals and plants). Most organic material dissolve over time; however, several different types of fossils have been found. This high variety of ... Read More »

Science Activities With Gems & Ores?

An ore is a type of rock formation that contains desirable minerals, such as diamonds. An ore is not the mineral itself, but a collection of rocks, some of which may be minerals and some of which m... Read More »

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Eating apples, pumpkins and tomatoes provides multiple benefits. The fruits make for a healthful and energizing diet. They also present an impressive diversity of seeds. In fact, an excellent defin... Read More »