The Types of Google Feeds?

Answer Google Reader is a function available to subscribers of G-mail (Google's Web mail service) that helps subscribers keep track of updates from their favorite websites and news sources. A menu appears... Read More »

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How to Add RSS Feeds to Your Google Personalized Homepage?

Google fans can personalize their homepage with news and information sources. While many great sources can be selected with one click, with an extra step you can choose from thousands of news sourc... Read More »

How are the top news feeds picked on Facebook News Feeds?

The Top news feed is calculated by the amount of "likes" or comments a certain post gets. The more a post gets, the more chance it has appearing on the news feed.

Different types of google?

I love them they are so favourites are elgoog - which is all backwards ( ) and - where you create your own googlesome others are:googo... Read More »

How many types of google are there?

I was wondering this myself so i decided to search it up and foundSceneGoogle Read More »