The Type of Heat Transfer That Allows Sun Rays to Get to the Earth?

Answer Disregarding the breathtaking complexity of our planet's ecosystems, the Earth is a pretty complicated system, with its geologic structure and weather patterns that defy precise analysis even today... Read More »

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Planning a train trip that allows only 7 minutes to transfer btw Waterloo and Euston -- is that possible?

No. Because:1, This will be your first time on the London Underground. Even for people who use the tube all the time, it takes a bit of navigating. You will have to change from the National Rail st... Read More »

How do you deal with parents who are narcissist and they abandoned their son as an adult because that son no longer allows that type of behavior but they keep on telling lies to others about that son?

Answer The simple solution is, you don't... just write them off and find your own life. You won't change them and if you continue to try to deal with them, help them, change them or in any way int... Read More »

What Type of Heat Transfer Occurs in Liquids & Gases?

Heat transfer occurs by three main mechanisms: conduction, where rigorously vibrating molecules transfer their energy to other molecules with lower energy; convection, in which the bulk movement of... Read More »

What is the system called that allows you to put your directv receiver in a separate location and still allows communication?

A remote operating in the RF mode, the remote can control the DirecTV box through walls and doesn't need to be in the same room as the box. A nice feature.