The Truman Doctrine committed the US to a policy of?

Answer The united states had supported France in Vietnam. With the defeat of the french, the United States saw a rising threat to the rest of asia. President Eisenhower described this threat in terms of t... Read More »

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How did the Truman Doctrine relate to the US policy of containment?

The USA achieved the goal of removing the missles from Cuba by "quarentining" Cuba until Khruschev and JFK compromised the soviet union would remove their missles from Cuba and the USA promised to ... Read More »

How did the Truman Doctrine change US foreign policy?

False.The answer is; regarded the US as a partner of the Allies. :]

That the Truman doctrine was a good or bad policy for the US?

Our methods to contain communist expansion in the world and continued development of new nuclear and hydrogen bombs increased our power and contributed to the nuclear disaster in Russia and the end... Read More »

The primary goal of the US containment policy and the Truman doctrine was to?