The Transfer of a Property Title in California?

Answer The title records for property held in California are contained in the county recorders throughout the state. They are a matter of public record that can be viewed by anyone. The title records are ... Read More »

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How to Change How a Property Title Is Held in California?

To change the way title is held on a property in California, a grantor -- the person giving away title -- must sign a transfer deed to the grantee -- the person or entity receiving the change in ti... Read More »

How to Transfer the Title of a Car Without the Person There in California?

Transferring the title of a car in California is a simple process that never requires both the buyer and the seller to be in the same room. A title may be transferred in California whether the car ... Read More »

How to Transfer Property as a Gift in California?

Gifting property to someone other than your spouse in the state of California can have significant tax implications. While California does not have a gift or inheritance tax, the federal government... Read More »

Can you insure a car whose title is under your parents name and then change the name on the insurance to yours if they transfer the title to you?

Probably a state law issue. We have one car where the insurance is ion my wife's name and the car is in my name and nobody ever said anything. I would guess that in some states you can insure the c... Read More »