The Top Ten Things to Bring to Your Dorm?

Answer Parties, meeting new people, campus and city tours, and numerous other events take up a lot of time during the first week of college. You probably don't want to miss a party because you had to go b... Read More »

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Things You Need in a Dorm?

Leaving home to go to college is one of the most exciting times in anyone's life. And for a large percentage of college-bound students that means leaving the comforts and stability of home for the ... Read More »

Fun Things for a College Dorm?

Students living in the dorms owe it to themselves to create the best living environment possible, given that the space and accommodations are usually minimal. For just about every resident, it is t... Read More »

Ridiculous Things to Put in Your Dorm?

College dorms -- especially older ones -- are often boring and dull. From the cement block walls to the outdated desks and beds, there's not much in the average dorm room that lives up to the excit... Read More »

Things to Bring to a PSAT?

After studying hard to do well on your PSAT, the last thing you want is to show up for the test without your calculator and other necessary supplies, or with prohibited items. Gather your things th... Read More »