The Tools for Removing a Harmonic Balancer on a 1998 Dodge Neon?

Answer The harmonic balancer on your 1998 Dodge Neon is located on the engine crankshaft and reduces the shaking you and your vehicle endure while driving. Removing your defective harmonic balancer can be... Read More »

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How do I Replace a Dodge 360 Harmonic Balancer?

The Dodge 360 cubic-inch V-8 engine was fitted with a harmonic balancer bolted to the front of the crankshaft. The balancer is designed to substantially reduce the vibrations generated naturally by... Read More »

How to Remove a Harmonic Balancer in a Dodge Avenger?

The harmonic balancer mutes the vibrations created by the engine, what is called resonance. Without the balancer, the crankshaft would snap in half. The balancer is held in place with three bolts o... Read More »

How to Pull the Harmonic Balancer on a Dodge Truck?

A slight rattle or an annoying belt squeak are just two of the sounds you may hear if you have an issue with the harmonic balancer in your Dodge truck. The harmonic balancer is a pulley system that... Read More »

The 1998 Dodge Neon Won't Start?

Troubleshooting the reasons why your 1998 Dodge Neon won't start is a fairly simple process when you understand the basic needs and mechanics of a gasoline engine. To start and run, an internal com... Read More »