The Time Needed to Digest Different Types of Food?

Answer There is no exact science to find out how long it will take for your body to digest food. Hydration and digestive health affect how long it takes your body to digest food. Food moves faster through... Read More »

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Different Types of Food in India?

Many cultures and customs converge in India, including food traditions. The subcontinent can be divided into roughly four culinary regions----north, east, south and west. These cooking regions are ... Read More »

What are different types of plant food?

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How do dragonflies digest food?

The most common dragonfly in the United States is the green darner, which has a bright green head and thorax. As with all dragonflies, the darner utilizes a mechanical digestive process.Identifica... Read More »

How Do Earthworms Digest Food?

Earthworms are part of the Annelida phylum, representing a type of complex, segmented worm. Segmented worms have a great advantage in mobility because of the force in the muscle in each individual,... Read More »