The Three Types of Literature?

Answer Most literature can be placed into one of three categories: fiction, poetry or drama. Fiction includes novels and short stories, works written in prose that do not have a set meter or rhyme scheme.... Read More »

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Types of Fantasy Literature?

Knowing what type of fantasy literature you enjoy can save you from investing in and reading the wrong type of book. Fantasy is a somewhat generic term for fiction that contains magic or supernatur... Read More »

Types of English Literature?

The scope of English Literature encompasses all of the literary genres. However, inside those genres dwells a wide range of materials as the literature developed over the centuries. English Liter... Read More »

Types of Traditional Literature?

Traditional literature is a technical name for a literary form also called folklore or folk literature. This genre encompasses various narratives, songs and poems which have been passed down throug... Read More »

How to Identify Types of Conflict in Literature?

The conflict in a story is its driving tension. This tension is used to further the plot, and its resolution leads to climactic and cathartic moments. Depending on the length of the literature, the... Read More »