The Test Equipment for an Alternator?

Answer Various parts of the car have electrical needs that are provided by the car's battery, which includes the headlights, ignition coils, engine cooling system, the radio and the air conditioner. Like ... Read More »

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How to Test ABS Equipment?

Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) prevent motor-vehicle wheels from locking up and the car from going into a skid when the brakes are applied. ABS is particularly important when braking suddenly in i... Read More »

Can anyone PAT test equipment?

I don't think there is any legal requirement for training, but if you do it for payment it's bound to help if you have at least some proof of specific training, you can advertise this as a qualific... Read More »

Oil Viscosity Test Equipment?

One of the most important aspects of oil used for lubrication is its viscosity, or resistance to flow. The higher the oil's viscosity, the better it will adhere to the metal parts of a machine; but... Read More »

How do I test equipment for smoke alarms?

Change the BatteriesTurn the power off on the smoke alarm, and take off the cover. Switch the batteries on the smoke alarm, and reinstall the smoke alarm cover.Test the AlarmHit the test button on ... Read More »