The Symptoms of a Bad Sway Bar Link?

Answer A sway bar, also known as an anti-roll bar, is a simple, yet crucial, device that reduces the amount of body roll, or lean, that a vehicle experiences during cornering. The sway bar is a thin, tubu... Read More »

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How to Replace a BMW Sway Bar Link?

The sway bar on a BMW is a thin, tubular length of metal that is bolted to both sides of the car's suspension. Most BMWs have front and rear sway bars. The purpose of a sway bar is to reduce body r... Read More »

How to Repair a Sway Bar Link?

The main function of the sway bar link is to keep the sway bar in its proper position while allowing a little bit of flex when it is under stress. A sway bar link consists of several parts: a long ... Read More »

How to Replace a Sway Bar Link in an E39 BMW?

The E39-generation BMW 5 Series is the fourth generation of this German sedan. Like all cars, the sway bars on the E39 are fastened to the suspension with end links that come off of the sway bar at... Read More »

Sway Bar Link Kit Installation?

The sway bar on a vehicle's suspension is a simple device that is responsible for reducing the amount of lean, or body roll, that the vehicle experiences when it's driven around a corner. The bar i... Read More »