The Symptoms of a Bad Sway Bar Link?

Answer A sway bar, also known as an anti-roll bar, is a simple, yet crucial, device that reduces the amount of body roll, or lean, that a vehicle experiences during cornering. The sway bar is a thin, tubu... Read More »

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Sway Bar Link Instructions?

The sway bar on a vehicle spans the passenger and driver side of the vehicle and prevents it from "leaning" too much to one side when turning. The unit is connected to the suspension on both ends b... Read More »

How to Install a Sway Bar Link?

The sway bar on your vehicle is designed to connect the driver's side suspension to the passenger side, so that when you turn a corner, the vehicle won't lean heavily from side to side. The sway ba... Read More »

Sway Bar Link Kit Installation?

The sway bar on a vehicle's suspension is a simple device that is responsible for reducing the amount of lean, or body roll, that the vehicle experiences when it's driven around a corner. The bar i... Read More »

How to Fix a Front Sway Bar End Link?

A sway bar is a rigid length of metal that bolts to a car's suspension on either side. When the vehicle goes around corners, the bar reduces body roll by forcing the inside tire to the ground, incr... Read More »