The Symptoms of Low Transmission Oil on the Speedometer?

Answer The fluid in the transmission lubricates and cools it. If there isn't enough transmission fluid, the transmission can overheat, causing some internal failures in the gear set or bearings. Transmiss... Read More »

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How to Connect a Speedometer Cable to a Transmission?

The speedometer tells you how fast your vehicle is traveling for the purpose of obeying speed laws. The speedometer, in combination with the odometer, has usefulness for computing distances and tra... Read More »

Transmission Trouble Symptoms?

Transmission problems can be lead to expensive car repairs, so paying attention to warning signs and symptoms of potential issues can save you a lot of money. Repairing a small problem like a leaky... Read More »

Car Transmission Problems & Symptoms?

The transmission is the part of an automobile that sends power from the engine through the gears and drive shaft to turn the wheels. Manual transmissions require the driver to move the gear manuall... Read More »

Symptoms of a Slipping Transmission?

One of the worst things that can happen to your vehicle is a slipped transmission. If your transmission goes out, it can mean thousands of dollars in repair costs. The sooner you realize you are ha... Read More »