The Styles of Togas?

Answer Based on the clothing styles of the Etruscans and the Greeks, the ancient Roman toga emerged first as a simple cloak. Later, the toga became a uniform required by law for everyone but the lowliest ... Read More »

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Togas in Ancient Times?

The toga was the distinctive garment of men in ancient Rome. It was worn on all formal occasions. It is one of the symbols most strongly associated with Rome today, and it was the same for the Roma... Read More »

How do i make roman togas?

FoldingUse a flat bed sheet for your toga. Hang an end of the sheet over the left shoulder. The end should reach your ankles.WrappingGrab the right side of the sheet, pulling it under your right ar... Read More »

How do i make togas for women out of bed sheets?

Fold the SheetsHold up one (unfolded) twin size flat bed sheet lengthwise and fold each side in half until the sheet is no wider than your body. Repeat with a second twin sheet. Fold one end of eac... Read More »

Ways to Make Togas with Fabric?

Invited to a toga party but not exactly sure how to make a toga? Below are some ideas on how to make an easy yet stylish toga outfit. All you will need is one or two white sheets, safety pins and s... Read More »