The Study of Fossil Footprints?

Answer Fossils are physical evidence of living organisms preserved in rocks. Many people are familiar with the fossilized remnants of dinosaur bones or prehistoric plants, but there are other kinds of fo... Read More »

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Can footprints be fossils?

According to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, footprints are considered trace fossils. Trace fossils are evidence that an animal leaves behind, such as an imprint in the ground. As a matt... Read More »

How to Draw Footprints?

Drawing footprints is not hard at all. Here's how to draw the simple shapes that make up a footprint!

How to Use Footprints in Detecting?

Ever wondered how detectives can just merely look at footprints and tell a complete story? Well don't wonder no longer. Here is a guide on interpreting footprints that you see around you.

How to Mix Plaster to Cast Footprints?

Create timeless memories for your loved ones by casting your feet, hands and even pet's paws in plaster. The process is quick and easy and it requires little crafting skill and supplies. Plaster ca... Read More »