The Specs of a Dell Dimension 3000 Motherboard?

Answer The Dell Dimension 3000 desktop computer was phased out by the manufacturer in 2007. When the machine was in circulation, the motherboard was run by a PCI bus with an Intel chipset in various confi... Read More »

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Which motherboard is in a Dell Dimension 3000?

The Dell Dimension 3000 uses a proprietary motherboard designed specifically for the computer. It supports Pentium 4 and Celeron processors, DDR333/400 RAM up to 2 GBs, includes integrated sound an... Read More »

Can the Dell Optiplex 170L CPU fan fit in a Dell Dimension 3000?

The Dell Optiplex CPU Fan is a Dell K0456 Fan Assembly. This fan is compatible with the Dell Dimension 3000 as well as the Dimension B110, 1100, 2400, 4600, 4700 and the Optiplex 160L computers.Re... Read More »

Can a dell dimension 3000 desktop be upgraded?…Although anything in theory can be upgraded, if you changed all the parts to modern ones it would hardly be a Dimension 3000. It has almost no value any m... Read More »

How to Restore Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 3000?

As Microsoft states, the "System Restore" function of Windows XP was created to "restore your system to a workable state without you having to reinstall the operating system and lose your data file... Read More »