The Specs for the 1993 Mazda B2200?

Answer Mazda began its B-Series trucks in 1961 in Japan. In 1993, Mazda had multiple B-Series trim models, including the B2200 -- the number indicated the engine's 2.2 liters of displacement. The B2200 wa... Read More »

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Mazda 1993 B2600i 4X4 Specs?

The 1993 Mazda B2600i comes in two different four-wheel drive trims: the short bed base and the cab plus base. The cab plus base was also offered in two-wheel drive. The pickup has two doors, an An... Read More »

How to Remove the Starter on a '90 Mazda B2200?

The starter motor on the 1990 Mazda B2200 is located on the passenger’s side of the engine up against the block and all the way back against the bell housing. If your starter is dragging or grind... Read More »

How do I Replace the Thermostat in a 1991 Mazda B2200?

The Mazda B2200 uses a spring-loaded thermostat that is set to open when the temperature of the truck gets hot. The thermostat releases enough coolant to cool the engine down. Once the engine is co... Read More »

How Do I Install a Thermostat in a Mazda B2200 Pickup?

The thermostat on the Mazda B2200 pickup truck is located at the top of the engine and needs to be replaced to prevent the coolant system from running hot. The thermostat will stick and cause the t... Read More »