The Specifications on the 7.3L Diesel Engine?

Answer The 7.3-liter diesel was manufactured in 1988 as a replacement for the 6.9-liter engine after an increase in the engine's bore size. The resulting engine had more torque at lower engine speeds and ... Read More »

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1995 6.5 Diesel Engine Specifications?

The first 6.5 GM diesel offering was presented to the automobile market in 1992. In the years following this preliminary showing, the 6.5 diesel was made available is several different GM applicati... Read More »

Nissan Diesel Engine RE-10 370 HP Specifications?

The Nissan Diesel RE-10 is a powerful engine used primarily in Nissan-made coaches/buses and commercial trucks, as well as by Tadano, a Japanese hydraulic crane manufacturer. Tadano produces a var... Read More »

Meadows Diesel Engine Specifications?

Henry Meadows Limited was a company founded in 1920 in the United Kingdom. It initially manufactured three-speed gear boxes, and two of its most popular products are the four-speed and six-speed di... Read More »

Diesel Gasoline Engine Oil Specifications?

Engine oils are highly specialized liquids, nearly as much an engine component themselves as blood is a living organ. Although the very first engine oils were little more than slightly refined crud... Read More »