The Specifications of a Cobalt SS Supercharged?

Answer When the Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged sports coupe debuted in 2005, it caught the automotive press and others off-guard with its combination of refinement, performance and looks. It succeeded t... Read More »

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Cobalt SS Supercharged Oil Specs?

Any time an oil change is performed, it's important to follow the exact guidelines from the manufacturer. When working with a high-performance vehicle, such as the Cobalt SS, this becomes even more... Read More »

How to Make a Cobalt Supercharged?

The Chevy Cobalt was offered with a rare factory supercharger. The superchargers cram more air and fuel into the engine creating more power. Matching supercharger systems to cars is a technical and... Read More »

Cobalt Supercharged Specs?

The Chevrolet Cavalier was on the road for an impressive 24 years, but in 2006 it was time to end its run. In 2005, Chevy introduced the Cobalt, and in 2006 it officially supplanted the Cavalier as... Read More »

Engine Specs of a Chevy Cobalt Supercharged?

Chevy first introduced the Cobalt in 2005 as the replacement for the Cavalier. The Cobalt offered something that the Cavalier never did, a Super Sport (SS) Supercharged model. The SS Supercharged w... Read More »