The Specifications of a BlackBerry 8707G Charger?

Answer The BlackBerry 8707G is a smartphone that allows users to organize contacts and appointments while providing a suite of productivity applications for working outside the office. The 8700 series of ... Read More »

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What to do if a Blackberry charger does not work?

Review your Blackberry user guide to ensure you are using the charger correctly. Take your Blackberry and charger to a cell phone technician if you can not get it to work. He will inform you if the... Read More »

How to Replace the Charger Port on a BlackBerry?

BlackBerrys are smart phones that allow you to multi-task, check your email, browse the Internet, text/call contacts, take pictures and more. They have an exclusive system in place similar to text ... Read More »

Can a razor charger work with a blackberry?

The Motorola Razor phones and the Blackberry phones use the same type of charger. One charger will work on the other. The charger for the Blackberry and Razor is a mini USB interface which works on... Read More »

What type of charger does a Nextel BlackBerry 7100i use?

According to Nextel and Sprint, the BlackBerry 7100i can use several different chargers. The Mini-USB Travel Charger, All-in-One Vehicle and Wall Charger, BlackBerry Mini External Battery Charger a... Read More »