The Specifications for a Sony VPH-1031Q?

Answer The Sony VPH-1031Q is a an older model projector that was introduced in the late 1980s. It lacks the high resolution and variety of inputs that newer projectors offer and has a low intensity lens t... Read More »

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How to Use the HDTV Capabilities in a Sony VPH-1031Q?

The Sony VPH-1031Q is a high-definition video projector that comes with a built-in HDMI connection port. This port allows you to hook up outside HD hardware (such as an HDTV, Blu-ray player or HD c... Read More »

Sony E 18-55 16 Specifications?

The Sony NEX series of digital cameras comes with a 16 mm lens for basic picture capturing, but an add-on zoom kit lens, the Sony SEL1855 for 18 to 55 mm coverage, takes your camera to another leve... Read More »

Sony Ex-3 Camera Specifications?

The Sony Ex-3 is a professional video camera used to produce high definition video. This model features all of the advanced settings required in daily video production, such as neutral density fil... Read More »

Sony VAIO AGN-690 Specifications?

The Vaio VGN-A690 was a laptop computer manufactured by Sony and launched by Sony on April 1, 2005 for a listed price of $2,800. The installed operating system for this notebook was Windows XP Home... Read More »