The Six Most Important Battles of the American Revolution?

Answer In the spring of 1775, the American colonists and British armies engaged in the first battle of the American Revolutionary War. The War ended eight years later with an American victory, although th... Read More »

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Why were the battles of the coral sea&midway so important?

The Battle of the Coral Sea and the Battle of Midway were the turning point for the United States Navy during World War II. The two battles ultimately broke Japanese dominance in the Pacific.Japane... Read More »

How many battles did each side win in the Mexican-American war?

There were six major battles during the Mexican-American War. The Americans won the battles of Palo Alto, Vera Cruz, New Mexico and Cerra Gordo. The Americans also won the battles for California an... Read More »

How to Appreciate the American Revolution?

All men are created equal - Thomas JeffersonThe American Revolution marked the beginning of the United States of America as an independent country. It involved the War for Independence and the Decl... Read More »

Famous Documents From the American Revolution?

The American Revolution was a turning point in history, ending 200 years of British rule and creating the United States of America. Beginning in 1775, the American Revolution was a dramatic rejecti... Read More »