The Signs of a Cracked Intake Manifold?

Answer A cracked intake manifold on your vehicle is a serious problem that can lead to expensive repairs. If you suspect your vehicle has a cracked intake, you should stop driving it and have it towed to ... Read More »

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How Do I Know If I Have a Cracked Intake Manifold?

The intake manifold sits on the top of the engine is an integral part of the engine itself. Cracks in the manifold can lead to vacuum and coolant leaks. Modern intakes are no longer made strictly f... Read More »

How to Seal a Cracked Intake Manifold on a Grand Marquis?

From the 1996 through 2001 model years, Ford Motor Company installed plastic intake manifolds on their Crown Victorias, Lincoln Town Cars and Mercury Grand Marquis equipped with 4.6-liter engines. ... Read More »

Signs of a Cracked Exhaust Manifold?

In modern automobiles, the exhaust manifold is part of the larger manifold system. Its function is to remove engine exhaust--air and vapor, along with any uncombusted fuels--and inject it into the ... Read More »

What Are the Signs of a Leaking Intake Manifold?

A leaking intake manifold can severely disrupt a vehicle engine's performance and cause a variety of abnormal engine signs and symptoms. Leaky intake manifolds prevent the adequate flow of air and ... Read More »