The Signs of a Bad U-Joint?

Answer The universal joint, or U-joint, located between the drive-shaft and differential, is a crucial part of a rear-wheel-drive automobile. After years of wear, several symptoms can give an indication t... Read More »

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Signs of a U Joint Going out?

A U-joint, which is the shortened term for Universal joint, is a joint composed of two "U" shaped ends connected together by an "X" shaped coupler. The drive shaft on a vehicle is composed of two U... Read More »

Signs of a Bad CV Joint?

Constant-velocity or CV joints (sometimes referred to as homo-kinetic joints) allow front wheel drive systems to perform efficiently and smoothly by transferring power through a variable angle, wit... Read More »

What Are the Signs of a Bad Universal Joint?

In an automobile, a drive shaft is the rotating steel line that transfers power from the engine to the drive train. This shaft is not in a straight line, so a universal joint (u-joint) is needed to... Read More »

Signs of a Failing CV Joint?

Constant velocity joints, better known as CV joints, are found in front-wheel-drive cars. The joints are attached to each of the vehicle's front wheels. Their purpose is to transfer momentum to the... Read More »