The Significance of Dents in Transmission Pipelines?

Answer The automatic transmission on most vehicles uses a series of lines to transfer the fluid through a cooler and back into the transmission. The lines are located beneath the vehicle and are subject t... Read More »

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Approximately how many gallons of crude oil is delivered daily through Marathon Oil's pipelines?

Marathon Oil Corporation, according to their website, delivers more than 111 million gallons of crude oil and other petroleum products per day through their approximately 10,000 miles of owned or l... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Car Dents?

Only a few experiences are more frustrating than coming out of the grocery store to see a shopping cart glide into your car – thus creating a small dent in your door. However, this is just one of... Read More »

How to Fix Car Dents?

Fixing a car dent yourself saves money, since even minor dent removals can cost $300 or more. It also makes your car look brand new again. If you are planning on selling your car, taking out that u... Read More »

How to Pound Out Dents in a Car?

Dents on your car are never fun to look at. If you are thinking about trying to pound a car dent back out yourself, take the size of the dent into account; the bigger it is, the more work it will t... Read More »