The Side Effects of Rabies Vaccinations in Pets?

Answer The rabies virus attacks the nervous system of humans and other animals and is highly infectious. Luckily, there is a vaccine that can be administered to our pets. Although uncommon, the vaccine ma... Read More »

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What are the possible side effects/risks of the vaccinations?

All vaccines have possible side effects. When vaccination takes place the body is tricked into thinking an infection has occurred. It then mounts an immune response to fight the infection. If the b... Read More »

The Side Effects of Canine Vaccinations?

Serious side affects can occur for dogs receiving vaccinations. Although reactions are rare, it is important to know what to look for after your dog receives a vaccine. Not vaccinating your dog is ... Read More »

Rabies Injection: Side Effects in a Dog?

Just like any medication, the rabies vaccine can have a wide variety of side effects that range from minor to severe. Not every dog will develop the same side effects to the same degree. These side... Read More »

What are some unusual side effects of rabies vaccine in humans?

From the Immunization Action Coalition:Serious reactions are rare. Most reactions are mild such as redness and itching at the site of innoculation. Allergic reactions including swelling and non-ser... Read More »